Kham Duc to Hoi An – Leg 6

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Leg 5: Kham Duc to Hoi An– STATISTICS

Total Distance: 124km (77 miles)
Total Duration: 3hrs, 58min
Total Moving Duration: 3hrs, 26min
Average Pace: 37kmph
Max Elevation: 478m
Current Elevation: 5m

Well there really is only one way to describe this leg of the trip. Uneventful.

Once again I was blessed with perfect weather on my way to sea side town of Hoi An. I’ve now managed to avoid any serious rainfall on every leg to date with my wet weather gear only making an appearance for a short time on the first leg of the trip to Mui Ne.


After my magician of a mechanic in Kham Duc worked his magic Jonny was performing exceptionally with only the occasional backfire interrupting the now familiar amazing landscapes that we encountered around every turn.


As you can see from the above shot the road was once again in outstanding condition and we made good time descending out of the hills to half way petrol and coffee stop in Dai Hong.

Today I didn’t have any locals keen to make small talk so I had to make due with the Café Guard Dog.

Finn the Guard Dog

The final 70kms from Dai Hong into Hoi An was significantly less enjoyable as the the road conditions deteriorated and the traffic increased as we drew closer to the main AH1 highway, Hoi An and its brother city, the 4th largest in Vietnam, Da Nang.

Although the road was moderately pot-holed I had learned over some of the previous legs how to bunny-hop Jonny over any approaching pot holes. One of the few benefits of having a nice light scooter on the open road and a good way to keep the drive entertaining.

When we finally rolled into Hoi An however it was quite the relief completing a leg without a tire or mechanical drama.

Now to see what Hoi An and Da Nang has in store…

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