Haad Rin Radio Tower Walk

View from Tommy Resort Deck - looking South down Haad Rin Beach.

View from Tommy Resort Deck – looking South down Haad Rin Beach.

One of the most enjoyable, and most accessible walks on Koh Phangan is in easy reach of Haad Rin. The Haad Rin Radio Tower walk provides you with commanding views over Haad Rin; both Sunrise, Sunset beaches, beyond to Ban Tai, Thongsala and across the straight to Koh Samui.

This walk is often overlooked as like many walks on the island it can be somewhat challenging to find. The following GPS tracker provides a clear indication of how to reach the Radio Tower. Note the start point is the 7/11 on the outskirts of Haad Rin town and you are able to Scooter to the point marked by an X. From there the walk is 10-15min of moderate uphill with about 10 meters of steep incline just prior to the tower. This incline is aided by ropes (that don’t need to be used) but are recommended.


Red X marks the point where you can scooter. From here the walk is 5 – 10 minutes.

The only place where you could end up heading in the wrong direction is a three way junction. The below image clearly shows the three avenues that you could take, the right will take you to CoCo Resort and far left to another resort so the Red Arrow marks the correct direction. From here it is about 5 min max on a gravel road – just keep on going straight and you can’t go wrong.


At time of writing a sealed road was being built at the base of the access path to the Radio Tower down to a resort on Sunset beach (note that from the above junction the the road is unsealed). At this point, before you decend to sunset beach, park up your scooter and head straight up the radio tower access path. This path actually continues around the entire peninsula and is well worth a walk but for the purpose of achieving your goal of reaching the radio tower it is important that after about 5 minutes of walking (moderate incline) you keep an eye out for the two access points side by side that take you up to the Radio Tower. These access points are very obvious (hence no need for a picture). I recommend taking the path that has ropes provided as you can use these to assist your climb. The climb is only about 10 meters but it is quite steep. I completed the climb in both jandals/thongs but would recommend shoes (especially for the decent). Once you’re at the top of the rope climb you are basically at the base of the radio tower that is approx 40 meters in height so you have to scale a number of ladders. Caution is obviously recommended here however the tower is very stable and at some previous stage would have been used to hold heavy transmission equipment (this has since been decommissioned). I would estimate that the tower would hold a group of 5 without too much concern. I would NOT RECOMMEND this walk during inclement weather as this is one of the highest points on the island, metal and on a peninsula so therefore quite an attractive strike zone for a passing thunderstorm.

Once you’ve reached the top, take a deep breath and look around you as the view from atop the tower is breathtaking and makes the climb well worthwhile.


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  1. Your pics and advise are awsome, thanks for sharing !

  2. Good tips Dave, going to do these other walks when I return!

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